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CAVITATION is a biological phenomenon that consists of the formation of bubbles in between the cells which implode by the action of a low frequency ultrasound (30-40 KHz). This creates shock waves that selectively damage the membranes of the adipocytes (fat cells), spilling the liquid fat into the lymphatic system and finally to the liver to be metabolised. It is scientifically proven that after a cavitation session, excess liquid or lymphatic toxins are drained from the body via urinary system. This can be noticed just 10 minutes after the initial treatment. There will also be a significant increase in diuresis (the production of urine by the kidney) in the hours following the treatment and this usually continue into the next day as the body metabolises the excess liquid and toxins. A slight acidity and change in the smell and colour of the urine can be observed right after the first session with the cavitation treatment specially in patients with a considerable percentage of body fat.
The following body areas can be treated: abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms.
RADIO FREQUENCY THERAPY goal is to retighten the skin of the body, the dilated pores and finally to improve "orange peel" cellulite appearance by applying electromagnetic high frequency waves (1-5 MHz).
The tissue resistance to this high frequency current produces heat which induces a retraction of connective tissues and a stimulation of collagen cells (fibroblast).
The final result is an improvement of the firmness and tension of the skin (lifting effect).
At the same time, the specific warming of the subcutaneous fat will retract the fat cells (adypocites) and allow a release of fatty acids.




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