Radio Frequency



- The hand pieces are really fast getting hot and they are stable delivering the energy so no risks for the client during the treatment.
- The handles are made of a non-corrupt material.
- The handles are totally isolated avoiding the cream get inside them.
- The delivery of the energy is controlled with SSR electronic devices and not mechanical relays so the electrical discharges dissapear.
- Easy to change from one hand piece to another by using multi common connectors.
- Over dimension of the cooling system so the equipment is able to work 10 hours per day, non-stop.
- Easy to operate with full high quality touch screen (only one touch is needed to get response)
- Recommended preprogramming included so, no experience is needed to working the equipment
- Easy to transport thanks to the handles in both sides of the equipment
- Safety and easy moving trolley in the same design is available to having a stand machine (optional)



 R.F Base  R.F Perfect
 R.F. Home Line R.F Standard
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