-The system allows treating the localized fat on abdomen, hips, glutei and whereever adiposity or cellulite is present. The treatment is absolutely without pain and non-invasive with very good results reducing the circumference even after the first application.
  - Only 2 Times per month and 30 minutes per treatment are enough to get visible clinic results.
  - It is always recommended drinking plenty of water both the day of treatment and subsequent days.
  - It is also recommended to finish the treatment with 20 minutes of a presotherapy session or a lymphatic massage to help the fat get decomposed.

 The main effects that can be achieved with the ultrasound cavitation treatment are:
- Lipolysis (separation and decomposition of fat)
  - Monomerisation of the triglycerides (reduction of the fat elements)
  - Improvement of the fluidity properties




- The ultrasounds are effective in all the surface of the handle and not only the center. This makes shorter the duration of the treatments and longer, the life of the equipment.
- Electronic Frequency Adjustment (EFA) is included on the set-up of the equipment to matching electronic and handle ultrasounds. Thanks to this, the big power of the ultrasounds is always guarantee. This system is patented and unique in the market.
- Maximum power working time is automatic controlled.
- Over dimension of the cooling system so the equipment is able to work 10 hours per day, non-stop.
- Easy to operate with full high quality touch screen (only one touch is needed to get response)
- Recommended preprogramming included so, no experience is needed to working the equipment
- Easy to transport thanks to the handles in both sides of the equipment
Safety and easy moving trolley in the same design is available to having a stand machine (optional)


 Cavitation Finale  Cavitation Standard
 Cavitation Ultimate  Cavitation Home Line


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