Depila 21


DIODO LASER 808 nm - HIGH POWER - NEW MODEL 2013 !!!!!

ØHigh Power 808 nm Diode Laser, delivery stable energy along pulses, making the treatment safer and more effective on all skin types.
ØScanning Operation Mode (high repetition rate up to 10 Hz) allows to make faster treatments with a large spot size 12x12mm.
ØThe high repetition rate of shooting, in combination with the Sapphire tip contact cooling, makes the treatment virtually painless.
ØReduce burning risk even used by non-expert operators. It is very easy to use.
ØPreset Parameters recommended on screen.
ØUp to 10.000.000 shots.
ØNo Consumables


 Depila21 – Stand Unit

Semiconductor Laser


Up to 120J/cm2 HR mode

Up to 50J/cm2 SHR mode

Up to 20J/cm2   FHR mode


HR(1-2Hz) / SHR(3-5Hz) / FHR(8-10Hz)


AC100-120V/60Hz or AC220-240V/50Hz

800 W (8 laser plates x 100 W each plate)

Semiconductor Cooling + Air Cooling +

Water Cooling + Sapphire Touch Cooling System

10.4 Inch Color Touch Screen



DEPILA21 SUPER GUIDE vPrinciple of Operation v Benefits v Drawings v Technical Specifications v Handle v Operation Modes v Working Interface v Renting System Pre-installed v Preset parameters v Fluence and... Read more

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